League update

Hi All,

We are getting requests about start time for our league.
We will not be starting in September because venues are still sorting out the social distancing for the players.  I don’t think players should be counting on getting sponsorship money from their venues this season.  We could have a shorter season starting anywhere from October to January.  We will contact all the captains as soon as we get direction from the venues when we can start again.

Ken & Del

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We have had many complaints from players about sportsmanship and sharking.


 Sportsmanship is simply treating your teammates and opponents with courtesy and respect. While everyone wants to win, the purpose of league play is to have fun playing the great sport of billiards in the company of friends.

 By following a few simple guidelines, you can help ensure everyone gets the most out of their CCS league experience:

1. Know the rules: Most disputes can be avoided if both players are knowledgeable about the rules of the game.

 2. Play to your potential: Being a good sport doesn’t mean taking it easy on your opponent; quite the opposite. You’ll be respected far more if you give it your best each turn at the table. If you’re in a handicapped league, don’t “sandbag” by keeping your wins as modest as possible. Handicaps are meant to be a genuine measure of your skill. It’s poor sportsmanship to give anything but your best effort.

 3. No “Sharking”: “Sharking” is any act designed to upset your opponent or disrupt their concentration at any time during the game. Examples are using profanity, making sarcastic comments, refusing to acknowledge an obvious foul, standing close to your opponent’s line of vision or creating sudden noise. These rules apply not only to you, but also to any person who is in your “cheering squad”.

4. Resolve disputes the right way: Disputes will occasionally occur, and most will arise over a judgement call. Learn the procedures for settling disputes in your league and follow them religiously. This way, disputes can be resolved equitably and calmly.

5. Respect your host and their equipment: Billiard rooms help sponsor your league and provide use of their facilities and equipment. Whether at home or away, you represent your host club or bar.

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Monday night pool at the Red Lion V-Lounge

The teams Who’s Up and Pride will always play in the separate room.   Bar pool tables will always be used by For Fox Sakes.

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