July 2021 Update

Hi All, It’s that time again pool leagues will start again in September if Dr Bonnie Henry give the go ahead for Phase four. I have reached out to the captains from last season who played. Some are coming back while others have folded their teams.  The V-lounge will be adding two more tables to the venue. We have requested another team be added on Monday which they may not allow because of Monday night football.  Sunday they have room for two more teams.  Let me know if you are interested in using the venue.

The BCAPL fees have gone up to $20 US this year.  Their league registration dues are from January to December therefore we will have to pay their fees twice September to December 2021 and then again in January to December 2022   Our dues this season will be $100.00 per person. 

We are working on players who play VIPL will pay your CCS and BCAPL registration fees to Bill Unwin.  All players will have to pay league dues to VI 8-ball PL. 

Any question don’t hesitate to contact me.

Del Oliver

250-888-8446 cell

250-381-2548 Home


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