League Dues

Any players that are playing in VIPL do not have to pay your BCAPL dues for 2024  and the CCS dues to Bill Unwin you have paid our league.  You will have to pay him others fees to his league.



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Red Lion Tables

As some of you are aware the pool tables at the Red Lion V-
Lounge have been re-clothed and the rubber on the rails have
all been replaced. Thank you to Brad and the Red Lion
ownership for supporting the pool community by paying for
this work. We would like to have this cloth last as long as
possible. As such, please do not flip coins on the tables, set
drinks on the tables, sit on the tables, or practice jump shots.

Are the tables perfect? No, they are still bar boxes.
However, we have a plan to keep them as good as possible with
ongoing maintenance. To this end, there is a donation box on
the wall at table 2. These funds are used exclusively to pay
for ongoing labour and required parts. This is a voluntary
donation. A suggestion is $1 per visit.

If you feel there is an issue that needs attention, message me
and I will have it investigated and repaired if possible and
funds allow.
Ron de Leeuw
(250) 217-2827

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