Ball Falling into a pocket

This has happened a few times been brought to our attention;
Last night in league play had an opponent that was leaning over a ball that was on the
edge of the pocket while he was shooting. When he got up his shirt knocked the ball
into the pocket. I know the ball stays down but does he continue shooting or does he
lose his turn.

The answer depends on some things
Did the player touch another ball or was that the only ball inadvertently touched?
If they touched another ball also then it is a foul and the ball stays down and it is ball in
hand to the opponent.
But if the only ball touched is the ball that fell into the pocket then it is like any other
inadvertently touched ball.
The player at the table must inform the opponent of what happened and it is the
opponent’s option of what to do with the ball and the choices are a) the ball stays down
and play continues from there or the ball is restored to the position it fell from and play
continues from there.
If the player continues without asking the opponent what to do with the affected ball
then it becomes a foul.
Did the moving of the ball and it falling into the pocket have an effect on the outcome of
the shot?
Meaning would any balls have hit the inadvertently moved ball and if that is a yes then
the shot is a foul.

John Leyman
Director of Rules & Referees
CueSports International

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